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  • Why does PeanutFreeNYC have paid subscriptions when other allergy sites are free?
    PeanutFreeNYC uses premium subscriptions because they enable us to provide a superior experience Unfortunately, running PeanutFreeNYC is not free; keeping the business operational costs about $1300 per year at a minimum, not including trips or reviews of any additional restaurants. As of early 2024, these costs break down approximately as follows: $40/m - Usage of Google Maps and related mapping software $35/m - Business insurance $25/m - Web and domain hosting $10/m - Business registration fees Additionally, many of you are aware of the time and effort it takes to research new restaurants, particularly those with little external information. PeanutFreeNYC LLC is not my attempt to make a startup, pitch it to investors, make billions on the sale, and retire to a private island.
  • Why don't we have an app?
    We understand and appreciate your interest in a Peanut Free NYC mobile app; however, developing an app costs several thousand dollars at a minimum - a substantial investment for a business which is still mostly paid for by one person's W-2 salary. Furthermore, the payment restrictions mandated by Google and Apple would increase our payment processing fees from less than $1 to nearly $10 per subscription, which. We appreciate your understanding and continued support.
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